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365 to FIT is a company founded by Ben Smith in a life-long pursuit to motivate and empower people across the globe, but also address a very pressing concern: mental health. As a professional in the mental health field I have recognized the critical role physical exercise and mental fortitude plays in positive mental health. This has become the foundation that the company is based on. 365 to FIT is guided by three key pillars,

What is the Life Fit Group?

The Life Fit Group is a new type of lifestyle program centered on fitness. The aim is to assist you in building your habit of exercising regularly and ultimately begin the first step towards meaningful and lasting change in your fitness journey.

Why Life Fit Group?

The development of this group started with a personal struggle to balance both mind and body. I continued asking myself how and why do most people struggle with remaining committed to their health and fitness and how can I solve it.

New Years in particular is a contagious time of year promoting the “new you”. The beginning of the year is full of energy, motivation is bountiful, but soon the spirit of consistency and progress fade as do the encouragement of your inner circle. Unfortunately, the majority fall back to their previous ways of living and replace their dedication with excuses. This is exactly where the Life Fit Group comes in.


Get 1 on 1 advice on setting realistic fitness goals and expectations

Education on maintaing long-term independent success

Specifically designed to gradually decrease program involvement and fuel self-discipline and willpower

Work on your fitness goals with support from like-minded individuals

Graduate from the group with tools that will keep you going on your fitness journey

Learn how to make fitness a habit and that habit, a lifestyle


The Life Fit Group is designed in both group and one on one formats.


Through a consultative one on one model, you will connect with Ben over Skype to explore your strengths and weaknesses, current level of fitness, discuss goals and existing barriers. A breakdown of your individual rewards and motivators will be identified with you to be strategically placed throughout the duration of the program, encouraging consistent growth.


You will check-in on our private group. This will be an opportunity to discuss individual successes and challenges. Here you'll be able to provide support and advice to other members. As a group connecting with one another is encouraged as we're all in this together. ZOOM meetings will also occur to educate the group on behavioral strategies and Q&A.

You will monitor your performance using web-based tools, displaying relevant information where Ben will use evidence based practices from the field of behavioural psychology, taking a systematic approach to help you stay on track.

By dedicating yourself to the next 6 months you are setting yourself up to maximize the effectiveness of any training and/or nutrition program you begin. This is a unique lifestyle program that teaches you how to systematically build up the behaviors required to form a habit.


200 dollars USD a month for 6 months gets you

Individualized plan (starting with Bio-Psycho-Social analysis)

45 minute monthly ZOOM group meetings to teach behavior principles

Setting realistic individualized goals

30 minute personal coaching 1 on 1 sessions weekly

Goal & progress tracking using Google Calendar

Access to private community

Performance based tracking using web-based tools

Meal planning resources

Exercising resources

Programs guided by evidence based behavioral psychology

Education on skills capable to be used on other goals


To get you going and keep you going on your fitness journey, period.

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